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Ohana — Our Day Supports Program

Ohana Means Family

The Hawaiian word “ohana” means family. Our Ohana Day Supports program provides assistance to you with obtaining, keeping, or improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skills. Day Supports is furnished in and by licensed day programs, including sheltered workshops and developmental day after school programs. Day Supports help you attain or maintain the most skills that you can learn. If you receive Day Supports, your Day Supports provider is responsible for transporting you from your home to/from the day supports facility.

Usually you receive Day Supports Services in a group. One-on-one Day Supports Services are available only if you have special needs that require individual support. Your need for individual group services must be justified in your ISP and the justification must be needed based on your disability. If Individual Services are approved, it is expected that you will change to group services as soon as group services can meet your needs. Your planning team will have to gather additional information if you are requesting individual services when you are in a situation where there is a group of other individuals.

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