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Mental Health Services

Supervised Living Services

Supervised Living is a residential service which includes room and care for one individual who needs 24-hour supervision; and, for whom care in a more intensive treatment setting is considered unnecessary on a daily basis. A minimum of one staff member shall be present at all times when the client is on the premises except when the client has been deemed capable of remaining in the home without supervision for a specified time by a Qualified Professional or Associate Professional of the operating agency or area program.

Supervision includes the employment of an individual to live with the client or provide staff coverage on an overnight basis in order to provide the appropriate level of care and supervision. Other support services which serve the habilitation or treatment needs of the individual may be provided in the Supervised Living setting, but are to be documented and billed separately as periodic services. The client’s family shall be provided the opportunity to maintain an ongoing relationship, which includes visits at the facility as well as trips to visit relatives.