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Quick, Practical Self-Care Activities for the “Mind, Body and Soul”

As we’re nearing the end of the year, stress levels are heading up. That’s where a good self-care routine and activities are important. Self-care isn’t always long, bubble baths, or going to the spa. Often, there’s not enough time, enough money, enough energy, enough know-how to get it done. It may also not be what a person needs. They need true connection and sincerity, or sometimes it’s the practicaily of an activity that’s required. To help, here’s a lengthy list of mostly quick, activities for your “mind, body, and soul” that you can work to implement more of into your life to help reduce stress and potential burnout.
What does self- care mean to you?

Make the Most Out of Fall: Fun Fall Activities to Promote Community in Your Group Home

Image by Valentin Sabau via Pixabay

We’re transitioning into a new season, into Fall, which brings many opportunities for fun, exciting outdoor experiences for your consumers. Below are several ideas to help celebrate the arrival of the season. What is your favorite Fall activity?

1. Pumpkin Patches: Visit a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins, learn how pumpkins grow, paint gourds, eat roasted pumpkin seeds, and go on a hayride.
2. Fall Festival: Attend a nearby Fall Festival to experience all the fun of Fall in one place.
3. Decorate: Bring the outdoors in by putting up Fall decorations that you buy or DIY. Here’s a neat tutorial that shows you how to make a wreath. The Dollar Tree and the Target Dollar Spot have great decor items at a low cost to help make your space feel like the season.
4. Crafting: Work on craft projects together. This is a list of harvest-related crafts for individuals with special needs.
What other Fall activities do your participate in this time of year?

2020 Presidential Primary Candidate Survey on Disability

Learn the positions of presidential primary candidates on issues that impact individuals with disabilities. Read the 2020 Presidential Primary Candidate Survey on Disability shared by the Disability Rights Center – New Hampshire. Read More

4 Ways to Maintain Harmony Among Staff in Your Group Home or Day Program

The sense of work satisfaction, belonging and commitment, and ultimately the success of your organization, relies heavily on how well staff members get along and how strongly staff members feel attached to the work place.

Here are 4 ways you can work to create a harmonious environment for staff in your group home or day program.

1. Open Communication: Establishing open communication between staff is key to creating a harmonious work environment for all involved. Create a culture where comments and suggestions are welcome; do not meet criticism with animosity or contempt. Also, share when changes to the organization are made that impact the team. They shouldn’t learn through the grapevine; give them a heads up. Poor communication can erode trust and morale, increasing turnover rates.

2. Team Building: Often the nature of working together, relying on one another to complete projects or tasks, or to help or support consumers, provides opportunities for bonding and learning more about one another. Implement additional intentional team-building exercises, like reorganizing or decorating a space or planning a company event.

3. Celebrating Wins: Acknowledge staff members for their hard work and dedication. Show that you see them putting in the extra time, sweat and tears to ensure the team and consumers succeed. Recognize personal and professional achievements like graduations and work anniversaries. Share words of praise and motivating messages. Host an awards brunch or dinner to show your appreciation.

4. Have Fun: Finding joy in each other’s company and setting aside time to relax increases rapport, encourages staff engagement and commitment. Find moments throughout the workday to inject work-appropriate humor, to laugh, tell funny stories, to spread some cheer. Host a regular cookout, holiday party, etc. to give staff something to look forward to and get excited about.

What other ways do you work to maintain harmony in your group home or day program?

Another Successful Special Hoops Tournament

Our 4th Annual Special Hoops Basketball Tournament took place Saturday, May 11, 2019 and was a massive success! We thank everyone who played a part in making it happen! Thank you for your energy, your time, your patience, your care, your talents and skills, your donations, your words of encouragement, your errand-running, your social media sharing. Anything and everything that went on to create a safe, fun, inclusive, supportive athletic event for our consumers and other individuals from throughout our communities was much-needed and much appreciated. Thank you! If you have any photos from the event, we’d love to see them! Please upload your best shots to our Facebook pages: Special Hoops and Mental Health Support Services of NC. Thank you! Thank you!

4th Annual Special Hoops Basketball Tournament

We’re preparing for our 4th Annual Special Hoops Basketball Tournament! Takes place Saturday, May 11, 2019! Spread the word! Youth and adult participants will learn basketball drills and skills while linked with a volunteer elite athlete from the Greensboro Warriors AAU team! Mental health professionals will also be on hand. The exciting, inclusive day will end with a 3-on-3 tournament, allowing for a fun, safe, athletic, competitive experience!

Registration is open. Spots are still available but will sell out soon! Register here!

Also, if you’d like to volunteer or know someone who’s interested, we’re still seeking volunteers for the event. To register as a volunteer, click here.

We look forward to seeing you there!